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#nowplaying with TPR's Tori Pool


Tori Pool, TPR's Event's Manager. Tori is devoted to her handsome son, comedy, and Team TPR. This playlist has some of her favorites with some new ones that she can't stop listening to.

Dang. Ten ish songs? Also, I should preface, I’m not cool so this was especially hard tbh. This is probably at best a throwback playlist with Spanish pop songs peppered in. Music, for me (and probs a lot of people), is memory and I find myself revisiting old wounds pretty often. I like the feeling. Sometimes it pulls me out of whatever’s in my head and at other times it allows me a moment to dwell obsessively too long. Other times, I just want to be hyped into cleaning the house.

Here’s an attempt of what you can find now playing, in my car or home, at the moment.

Can I Call You Rose - Thee Sacred Souls

This is probably the newest obsession for me in song form. It makes me nostalgic for something I can’t quite put my finger on. Love can be biting and full of filigree and I like the idea of a man sort of realizing it’s going to be tough to love her through metaphors while being obsessed with loving her. It sounds old, but new, and I find myself swaying (not the car but like my shoulders).

The Air That I Breathe - The Hollies

Speaking of old: This is probably my favorite love song, like ever. I became obsessed with it about four years ago, first finding a cover by Shovels & Rope (equally good but not the same). I remember I was playing it for my mom in the car and she informed me the song had another owner. It pained me that she was right. This is one of those songs I like on long car trips or when I just need to feel that feeling. The one that makes me feel like all is possible and that love is just as filling as something idk more practical like a steak or something.

Chica del Verano - Isla de Caras & Clara Cava

This band is so dang good and everything they do is a feeling. Like butterflies, the kind that don’t end up on a windshield. I put this on and you can find me swaying and speeding and yes. I’m a very good driver if you haven’t noticed. ”Quiero estar, Todo el día enamorado…” Sounds pretty groovy.

Déjame Vivir - Monsieur Periné

I recently discovered this album on a birthday trip to Colorado. I annoyed everyone in the car by playing it continuously. This song croons in a way that makes me want to be in a sarong on the beach somewhere, I assume staring at waves or sky. It’s lovely.

His voice is so friendly and light for delivering such a demand of his former love. “Let me go…let me live…” Go off king.

Someone To Spend Time With - Los Retros

It was hard to pick one song from Los Retros because I’m currently obsessed with this band. I especially love this song because it captures this isolation, I find being single. It’s a selfish feeling because I tend to be super busy and have no time for myself let alone a relationship. But a girl can dream, and in turn complain. Listen with an open window and wander around. If you find yourself in a cul-de-sac, drive around until it ends so that the song can do its job. Love- love, this band.

Love and Lies - Zoe Lister-Jones · Adam Pally · Fred Armisen

Being a girl is hard. Confidence is harder. So much of what I need in a partner is reassurance. I crave it. This song is adorable, and I immediately downloaded it after watching the movie where a couple on the brink forms a band and this song is one of their collaborations.

“I want to eat pie, pie, pie but just look at my thighs, thighs, thighs…” I love this. I don’t believe in dieting, so this song is an unofficial mantra. I definitely think men and women lie a lot, and there’s no hiding it here. This movie ruled (Band Aid).

This Girl's In Love With You - She & Him

I know it’s a cover. I like it. I actually feel super bad because some boy I thought I liked told me he hated this band and I actively stopped listening to it despite it being one of my favorite artists. Boys are dumb and She & Him rules. How dare I stop listening because of a boy? Eww. I super dig it.

Lover Is a Day - Cuco

My son put this song on a playlist, and I totally dig it. It’s ridiculously long but reminds me of our crazy last couple of years and how we always seem to like similar music (he hates this). Caythen is everything to me and when I find a song, we both like it just makes me feel closer to him. You’ll for sure listen to it and think, oh is this song still going? It’s like the R&B November Rain.

Y Volvere - Los Angeles Negros

I found this band last year and it felt like something I’d heard before. The entire album is worth a listen. Especially when in the kitchen. I like to play it loud and it’s like I can see my grandparents dancing and annoying one another. I’m not sure if they’re covers but it’s a sound I love, and it makes me miss the way our family gatherings used to go on way too long and way too loud.

St. Ignatius - Old 97's

Oof. I almost didn’t include the Old 97s, but I felt like it was them or the Smoking Popes and this playlist kinda needed a little country over a little emo. I’ve seen this band more than any other and it’s always a rad time. My favorite lyric is, “you’re a goddess, you’re the oddest oddity I’ve found.” I always feel awkward, out of place, and frankly in the way. It's a country love song. I guess this was a love kinda playlist. Like I said a girl can dream.