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Hero Of Benghazi To Speak At Ecumenical Center About His Experience

A former U.S. Army Ranger and CIA paramilitary contractor will speak in San Antonio Tuesday morning about his experiences in Benghazi, Libya. 

He was defending the U.S. State Department Mission compound and CIA annex when they were attacked on September 11, 2012.  Kris Paronto and his former military security team got more than 30 people out alive, but lost four people.  They included two of his teammates and Ambassador Chris Stevens who died during an intense 13-hour firefight.  "One thing I want to portray when I do talk,  and I try to speak for other veterans as well when I say this, you just never quit, you never give up, you never quit on each other,” Paronto said. 

“You just keep trying to figure out a way to make sure everyone gets home safe,” he said.  “That’s why the story…I know it was politicized a lot last year…shouldn’t have been.  But the story is really an inspirational story about courage and faith and honor.” 

The story is chronicled in the book and movie, “13 Hours.”
Paronto said he's been dealing with post traumatic stress since 2007 and he wants to help other veterans to stay strong and survive it.  Paronto will be speaking Tuesday morning at 10:30 at the Ecumenical Center for Education on Ewing Halsell Drive.  The event is free and open to the public, but you'll need a reservation.  The number to call is (210) 616-0885.  The Ecumenical Center is located at 8310 Ewing Halsell Drive.