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Clinton, Trump Campaigns Hope First Presidential Debate Sways Undecided Texans

Texas Tribune

Texans will join millions of Americans tonight as they watch presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump go head to head in their first televised debate.  The candidates’ campaigns in Texas believe the sparring could sway some undecided or un-engaged voters in this state.

A recent statewide poll in Republican Red Texas shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton here by just 7 points.  Another 17 percent of likely voters said they didn’t know who they would support.

Gary Mauro, the head of Clinton’s Texas campaign is hoping Clinton will help persuade some of the undecideds by convincing them that she is the candidate who can bring the country together and best represent Texas values.

“Trump is appealing to people's worst instincts and if she can continue to appeal to people's best instincts and talking about how together we can solve any problem, well that’s what Texans want to hear,” he says.

Mauro says Trump is too divisive for a state as diverse as Texas.  

Dan Patrick, Trump’s campaign chairman in Texas claims the billionaire continues to win over conservative Texas Democrats and undecided Republicans.

“His message of a conservative Supreme Court, securing the border, creating jobs, standing for school choice, taking on ISIS that resonates with not only every Republican but Independents that he is doing well with and conservative Democrats,” Patrick says.

The unconventional, close contest is expected to draw more than 100 million viewers rivaling the 2015 Super Bowl audience.  Some 15 million Texans are expected to be glued to the TV’s and other live broadcasts.

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