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Kaine Slams Trump During A Fundraising Stop In Austin

During a stop in Austin yesterday (Tuesday) Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, accused Donald Trump of promoting violence with  some of his most recent comments. Texas Public Radio’s Ryan Poppe reports.



Sen. Kaine was responding to questions about Trump’s statement that gun rights advocates could act if Clinton wins and nominates anti-gun Supreme Court justices.


Kaine said, Nobody who is seeking the presidency  “should do anything to countenance violence”


Trump says that’s not what he was trying to do.


Kaine was in Austin for a campaign fundraiser and to preview the economic plan Clinton plans to release Thursday. He said she’s the candidate who can create jobs.


Cut/ “On the economy do you want a ‘You’re hired president or a you’re fired president’, Hillary Clinton will be a ‘You’re hired president’, she has got this five point economic plan, first 100-days with Congress, biggest job program since World War Two.  It encompasses investments, pay equity minimum wage, education so we can have debt free college” :23 secs


Kaine slammed the economic plan Trump released Monday as having no significant details.


Cut/ He’ll tell you ‘We’re going to be rich believe me’ or ‘Everything’s going to be great, believe me’ but when you get to the, ‘Well what’s the details’ he doesn’t have many” :18 secs


Today (Wed) Kaine is also attending fundraisers in Fort Worth and Dallas where tickets range from $27-hundred to $50-thousand each. RP TPR News]