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Some Sanders’ Backers From Texas Join Protest in Philly

Bernie Sanders delegates from Texas and other states took over the media work space on the second night of the Democratic National Convention.  Hundreds joined the protest shortly after delegates officially nominated Hillary Clinton.


Tuesday night, when Democrats officially voted for their presidential nominee, most Sanders delegates from Texas resisted suggestions they show unity by casting their ballots for Hillary Clinton. 



“Madam secretary, Texas, the Lone Star State cast it’s votes … ." Texas cast 72 votes for Sanders and 179 votes for Clinton.


In the convention center, tensions between Sanders and Clinton delegates seemed to have faded. But in the media workspace hundreds of Sanders supporters staged a silent sit-in, which prompted a police lock-down of the area.


Shyla Nelson is a Sanders supporter from his home state of Vermont. Nelson says the sit-in was also a protest of how Sanders has been portrayed by media


“We believe that unity may be possible, however, unity must include the grassroots voices that have been disenfranchised by a system that has silenced millions of voices over decades,” Nelson said.


Kay West is a Sanders delegate from Houston.  “I’m hoping they realize they can’t treat us the way that they have treated us with such disrespect, with such disregard and don’t try to fear monger us into a vote, I don’t want to vote for anyone because they say the other guys bad.”


Sanders has been urging his supporters to now back Clinton.  He is expected to speak to the Texas delegation this morning.