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Spurs Fans Grateful As Tim Duncan Hangs Up His Jersey

Joey Palacios
Texas Public Radio
Spurs fan Sovia Lauriano refers to herself as the "Spurs Lady"

San Antonio Spurs fans are emotionally showing their gratitude for Tim Duncan as he announces his retirement.

Four people decked out in Duncan and Spurs memorabilia trekked through Market Square Monday. They showed long standing appreciation to Tim Duncan.

Duncan was a power forward and center and spent 19 seasons with the Spurs taking the team through five championships.  Spurs Super-Fan SoviaLauriano refers to herself as the Spurs-Lady. She’s carrying a large cut-out of Duncan’s face, a basketball with Duncan’s jersey number "21" and even has a plush doll of him hanging around her neck.

Over his long career, she says she appreciates how Duncan has never been a selfish player.

“Timmy always said ‘Spurs … the team’ it was always about the team, it wasn’t about one individual or anything like that, it was the team. He always had high regards for the team and each player so I have much respect.”

Duncan is 40 years old and rumors of his retirement have been swirling for years. Robert Jimenez, another fan standing nearby, says Duncan is an icon for the Alamo city and deserves retirement. “He’s the kind of player I think every city hopes they have on their team so when he says he’s hanging it up, that he’s leaving, it’s a hard thing to deal with no matter how prepared you are. Thanks for all the memories Tim, and we wish you well in retirement.”

Tim Duncan joined the Spurs in 1997 and spent his entire NBA career with the team.