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Triple-A Baseball Team Committed To Downtown San Antonio If New Stadium Built

This story has been updated.

Elmore Sports Group has committed to bringing a Triple-A Baseball team to downtown San Antonio that would begin playing in the 2019 Season, Mayor Ivy Taylor announced at Thursday's City Council meeting. 

Triple-A Baseball is on track to set up in downtown San Antonio. Mayor Ivy Taylor and the Elmore Sports Group have an agreement to bring a team here if the city builds a new stadium.

If all goes according to plan, a Triple-A baseball team would begin playing in 2019. The Elmore Sports Group owns both San Antonio’s current Double-A team, the Missions, and the Triple-A Colorado Springs Sky Sox.

Under the commitment, the Sky Sox would move to San Antonio.

Elmore Sports President Dave Elmore says there are still several factors at play before the move. “The idea is if we get a new stadium here in San Antonio, which the mayor says is something they could do, then we have agreed that we could bring our Triple-A team from Colorado Springs,”  said Dave Elmore President of the Elmore Sports Group. “We have to get the O.K. from the Pacific Coast League and Minor League Baseball but we would come here then and play here in the new stadium.”

That stadium would need voter approval.   Taylor says it could be included in the 2017 bond but that’s not certain just yet.

The cost?

“We had some initial numbers but I’m reluctant to give a number because a lot of it is going to be dependent on the site,” Mayor Taylor said. “You know, costs associated with the site, whether it’s a site the city already owns or has to acquire.”

One estimate could be about $75 million based on the city’s sports facilities director Mike Sawaya who said that’s what some Triple-A stadiums being built cost.

The city is identifying several downtown locations for the potential stadium. If one is built, the current Nelson Wolff Stadium would be repurposed.