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Governor Expands Commission For Women

Gage Skidmore / http://bit.ly/154rPNT

Governor Greg Abbott has expanded his state commission aimed at assisting Texas women.  Abbott says his office’s Commission For Women will not include an examination of income inequality for women in the workplace.

The Governor’s Commission for Women was originally established in 1967 as a way to help women connect with existing state resources and establish healthy lifestyle choices.  Those appointed were meant to serve as regional role models for women.  Abbott expanded that list of women who will speak on behalf of the state to various women’s groups and help them with issues like how to start a business in Texas.

“These women are role models, these women are an inspiration for other women around the state,” he says.

According to the Commission’s bylaws, the group is to “help women identify information and services best suited to their needs, as well as find solutions to emerging issues facing women.”   But the governor said Wednesday those emerging issues will most likely not include examining what forces drive the issue of income inequities for women in the Texas workplace and possibly recommend a solution to the Legislature.


“What we are finding with Texas being number two in the nation in women-owned businesses, it’s going to be women who are setting the pay.  And I believe those women who are CEOs and running their own businesses have the right to an opportunity in this state to set what the pay is,” Abbott says.


The 15-appointed women from all across the state will serve as female ambassadors for the governor from now until the end of 2017.