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St. Mary's University Mass Marks Pope's U.S. Visit

Virginia Alvino
Texas Public Radio News

Pope Francis is visiting the United States for the first time this week, and Catholics around the country are marking the occasion.  Texas Public Radio’s Virginia Alvino attended mass at St. Mary’s University on Wednesday to learn more. 

In light of Pope Francis’ trip to the U.S., dozens of churches and schools this week are turning the same page of the Saint John’s Bible each day to symbolize Christian unity.

Wednesday’s reflection as read by Father Tim Eden –  the Ten Commandments.

“Human society and civilization depend upon right relationships," says Eden, "and those relationships can only succeed when there is proper respect shown to God and to each other.”

St. Mary’s Bob O’Conner says the Ten Commandments exemplify the ideas of mercy and human decency – messages he says Pope Francis is effectively spreading throughout the world.

Twenty year-old Megan Kee attended the afternoon mass. She’s currently going through the process of officially becoming Catholic, and follows the Pope closely.

“I love him," says Kee. "He’s so youth oriented. He knows the people that are growing up right now are going to be the ones that are leading the future, and he wants to make sure he understands our point of view.”

Kee says the Pope’s presence in the U.S. should be a push for all Catholics to recognize how happy Francis is to live a good life, and to try to follow his example.