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8 Bexar County Soldiers Voted Via Email; Pilot Program Called ‘Success’

AUSTIN — A pilot program allowing soldiers in hostile fire zones to vote via email is being touted as a success after just eight soldiers from Bexar County cast ballots in Texas’ general elections last year.

State lawmakers now are poised to expand the program, likely to Bell County, home to Fort Hood, and El Paso County, home to Fort Bliss. Bexar County includes military-heavy San Antonio.

A Senate committee has heard a bill that would expand the program by Tea Party-backed Sen. Donna Campbell. Committee chairwoman Joan Huffman said it would have “no problem” getting to the Senate floor.

The Secretary of State reported that 365 ballots were sent to soldiers overseas for the November election. Bexar County Elections Administrator Jacquelyn Callanen said the eight emailed back represent “a huge success.” (AP)