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Article 32 Hearing Wraps In Case Of Fort Hood Sgt. Accused Of Running Prostitution Ring

U.S. Army - Fort Hood

An Article 32 hearing, the military version of a grand jury, has completed its investigation of a Fort Hood staff sergeant accused of running an on-base prostitution ring with female soldiers.

The original charges allege Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen used his position in the Army’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Program (SHARP) to target women having financial difficulties. McQueen allegedly convinced the women to work as escorts for higher-ranking officers.

Fort Hood Media Relations Branch Chief Chris Haug said McQueen faces 21 charges involving: "Pandering, conspiracy, maltreatment of a subordinate, abuse of sexual contact, adultery and conduct to bring discredit to the armed forces.”

The Army’s prosecution believes that McQueen was the only noncommissioned officer using three female subordinates in this prostitution ring.

Annette Burrhus-Clay with the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault said she thinks the military court will throw the book at McQueen because of several separate incidents in the recent past involving the sexual assault of female subordinates by higher-ranking officers. 

“I think the military is trying to move forward to change both the perception of the culture, but the culture itself and not sweep these things under the rug," Burrhus-Clay said. "And he’s probably going to end up with a much stricter sentence than he would in a civilian court.”

Brig. Gen. Clark LeMasters will decide whether to move forward with the court-martial this summer.

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