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Bexar County Judge Asks Local Delegation To Consider Campiagn Finance Reform

Ryan Poppe

Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff is asking members of the Bexar County delegation at the state Capitol to consider legislation during the 2019 session that would limit outside campaign contributions.


In his letter to House Speaker Joe Straus, who leads the Bexar County delegation, Wolff writes that outside spending in county elections reached unprecedented levels in 2018.

He said that statewide officeholders, who have tens of millions of dollars in campaign funds, are willing to spend some of those funds to defeat candidates in other races during the last 30 days of an election.

READ | Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff's letter to the Bexar County delegation


“Comprehensive campaign reform, it would take on the issue of campaign limits, it would take on the issue of outside money that is coming into effect races, there  needs to be some limit on what all this is,” Wolfe said.


Wolff refers to Gov. Greg Abbott’s attempt to defeat State Rep. Lyle Larson by helping fund the campaign of Larson's opponent in the primary election.  


Wolff said he’d also like to see state lawmakers pass legislation that limits campaign spending and asks for full disclosure from all so-called “dark money” or 501.C4 political non profit groups.

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