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Women Veterans Honored At State Capitol

Ryan Poppe


In honor of Women's Veterans Day on Tuesday, special events were held at the state Capitol.

On June 12, 1948, President Harry S. Truman signed the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act, which allowed women like World War II veteran Anna Gatti to become regular members of the military.



Gatti, now 96, served in the Navy as a member of Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Services.


“Regular Navy men didn’t want women invading their territory, but then when they saw we were serious, we knew our job and we did it well, then they accepted us — started to accept us,” Gatti said.


Anna Baker, who heads up the Women’s Veterans Program at the Texas Veterans Commission, said Tuesday’s celebration is also about educating veterans.


“So many when they get out of the military they don’t know what their benefits and services are,” Baker said.


Baker said the events at the Capitol offer women veterans an opportunity to tap into these resources, view art created by other women veterans and learn more about the history of women in the military.


Ryan Poppe can be reached at rpoppe@tpr.org or on Twitter @RyanPoppe1