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State Advisory Council To Explore Expansion Of Texas Medical Marijuana Law


A state advisory council says when lawmakers assemble for the 2019 legislative session, they should expand Texas medical marijuana policy to include more medical conditions and elements of the plant.



Texas dispensaries began selling cannabidiol oil treatments to patients registered with the state at the beginning of this year.


This week, Chris Masey, vice chair for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission’s Policy Council for Children and Families, said Texas should make more patients eligible for inclusion in the state's medical marijuana registry.


“I see a lot of movement, a lot of impetus behind medicinal use and compassionate use, and I feel very good where that is moving in this legislature,” Masey said.


The advisory committee recommends the state evaluate the current use of medical marijuana in other states to identify other benefits beyond treatment for severe seizure disorders.


They also recommend the legislature provide state protections for traveling families authorized to use of medical marijuana in other states.

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