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Texas Lawmaker Files Controversial Bathroom Bill Just Before The Start Of The Session

Ryan Poppe
State Sen. Lois Kolkorst

State Sen. Lois Kolkorst, Thursday filed the Senate’s controversial “bathroom bill.”that would require a transgendered person to use the restroom that corresponds to the gender listed on their birth certificate.   

It’s been one of the most talked about pieces of legislation ahead of the 2017 session. The bill would prevent cities and school districts from implementing rules that allow a transgendered person to use the restroom of their identified sex. 

Kolkorst, a Brenham Republican, says part of her bill prohibits any local government from adopting ordinances that forces businesses to adopt a transgender bathroom policy.

“The second part of the bill speaks to what is expected in government buildings, public schools and universities.  The bill requires that each dressing room, locker room and restroom being designated to use for the people of their biological sex," Kolkorst explains.

Under her bill, Kolkorst says any school district or government entity that fails to adopt these rules will be subject to a civil penalty.

Credit Ryan Poppe
Danielle Skidmore, transgendered woman from Austin

Danielle Skidmore is a 44 year old transgender woman from Austin who joined LGBT and Transgender groups at the capitol to protest the bills filing.

“It would make it illegal for me to use the restroom here at the State Capitol.  Gender is complicated, I know it and yet it's real and intrinsic, transgender women are women," Skidmore says.

Business groups who oppose the bill say Texas' Privacy Act could cost the state $8.5 billion dollars in lost contracts, business opportunities and jobs.