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Menendez: Doctors, Not Politicians, Should Say Who Can Use Marijuana In Texas

Ryan Poppe
State Sen. Jose Menendez filing Senate Bill 269

A San Antonio lawmaker has filed legislation today to make medical marijuana more accessible in Texas. 

In 2015 State Sen. Jose Menendez co-authored a bill that allows only three businesses in the state to sell a specific medical marijuana oil to patients that have epilepsy that is incurable. The San Antonio Democrat is hoping to expand that bill this session by giving doctors the discretion to prescribe it to their patients for other illnesses.

“I’ve filed this bill because doctors not politicians should determine the best treatment for severely ill Texans.  This is a legitimate medicine that can help a variety of sick people from a grandmother suffering from cancer to a veteran coping with PTSD," Menendez explains.

Credit Ryan Poppe
Kate Cochran Morgan, Marine combat medic and Iraq War veteran.

Kate Cochran Morgan is a Marine combat medic who uses marijuana to treat her depression and PTSD since her return from the Iraq War.

“The first year I got out of the military I was a mess, depression set in and the feeling of isolation was overwhelming, without a mission I lost my identity.  I was in a fog of pain in pills swimming in my worst nightmare," Morgan says.

Even though expanding the state’s limited medical marijuana law has bipartisan support in the legislature, Gov. Greg Abbott continues to reiterate that he will not sign into law any legislation that sets up a full medical marijuana program in Texas. 

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