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State Education Board Plans Vote On Mexican-American Textbook

Ryan Poppe

Members of the State Board of Education are hearing testimony and examining a report on controversial textbook submitted as an educational companion for Texas schools’ Mexican-American Heritage class.

Critics say the book paints Mexican-Americans in a negative light, referring to them as lazy and drunkards in sections of the text.

Members of the Board like San Antonio Democrat Marissa Perez asked the book’s publisher, Momentum Instruction, which is headed up by former right-wing State Board member Cynthia Dunbar to remove the book from consideration.

“She refused to do it, as a matter of fact, she refused to change any of the errors that our experts recognized, identified and shared with the public.  So this week, your book will be voted down," Perez says.

Although no bill has been filed, Perez says she was happy to hear that some state lawmakers are considering filing legislation this session that promotes Mexican-American Studies in certain Texas high schools.

Members of the state board will take a final vote on whether or not to accept the textbook at a special board meeting this Friday.

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