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Texas Senator Says Terror Threat Regarding Texas Elections Is A Real Concern

Ryan Poppe

U.S. intelligence is alerting counterterrorism officials that a potential terror attack is possible as Americans head to the polls. While no details and hard evidence is available, Texas US Senator John Cornyn is warning voters to stay vigilant.  The credibility of the plot has not been confirmed but officials suspect it’s meant to disrupt the election process in Texas as well as in New York and Virginia.

Credit Ryan E. Poppe
U.S. Senator John Cornyn

Cornyn sits on the US Senate Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism and after being briefed on the latest threat says the potential threat of homegrown terror attacks happening on Election Day in Texas deserves the attention of law enforcement officials to insure that the election process is not disrupted.

“What they are doing now is effectively using social media and the internet to inspire people here in America to take up arms and kill innocent civilians and obviously any ability they have to disrupt the election and make a big impact they are going to take advantage of that," Cornyn says.

Texas Department of Public Safety officials say they are going to be constantly in touch with fellow law enforcement and intelligence officials on election day and will be continually monitoring events and polling locations that could have potential public safety impacts across the state.  

They also encourage voters to report anything suspicious to their local police or by logging a self-reporting app called iWatch.