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Public Safety Commissioners Put Off Rules For Cannabis Registry

Epileptic Council

Members of Texas’ DPS Public Safety Commission have put off establishing the rules for the state's limited medical marijuana law passed in 2015. 

The Department’s Ren Earl Bowie asked commissioners at Thursday’s hearing to postpone any discussion and possible vote on the rules that would establish an online registry of patients, doctors and dispensaries connected to the state’s limited medical marijuana law. That law currently only includes low-THC cannabis oil that is incapable of getting a person “high.”

“We have had a tremendous amount of input from stake holders and also members.  We continue to work on the rules, it is just a work in progress," Bowie explains.

Miguel Acosta is the owner of ACC Wellness Center, a San Antonio group that is vying to be selected as one of the state-approved businesses that is able to grow marijuana and dispense CBD oil. 

“A lot of people say, ‘It’s an easy thing, why can’t we do this?’, and if you look at superficially  from a 30-thousand feet, it is an easy thing, we’re growing a plant, what’s the big deal?" Acosta says.

But Acosta says that simply is not the case. He says formulating rules for cultivation and the dispensing of cannabis oil is complex and issues can range from how to establish a chemical profile of the marijuana plant to what type of pesticides and herbicides can be used when growing a substance that will be used as medication.

Members of Texas’ public safety commission plan to take up those rules when they meet again in October.  

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