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Cornyn Files Amicus Brief With Supreme Court Supporting 2013 Abortion Law

Ryan E. Poppe
Texas Sen. John Cornyn

Texas Senator John Cornyn joined a coalition of lawmakers in Congress in support of the State’s 2013 abortion law, which the US Supreme Court has agreed to hear in March.  

In November, Supreme Court justices agreed to take a lawsuit challenging Texas’ 2013 abortion law and ever since, support from both sides has come pouring into the high court.  

Republican Sen. John Cornyn announced this week that he had signed on to an amicus brief with other members of congress like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in support of the state’s abortion law that requires doctors performing abortion to have patient admitting privileges at a nearby hospital and to have their facilities undergo massive renovations to become ambulatory-surgical centers.

“The Supreme Court is going to hear oral arguments in a month and more than 30 senators and 100 congressmen have joined in urging the court to uphold the Texas law," Cornyn said.

During a press call, Cornyn was asked if he felt the Supreme Court should even be examining the law that abortion rights groups say creates an undue burden on women in South and West Texas.

“I don’t agree with this court, it’s the court’s decision, it was basically a political decision masked as a legal decision or a constitutional decision and my view is that by making sure that health facilities that provide abortions meet the same standards as other medical facilities actually protects women," Cornyn said.

But Abortion-rights groups argue that the law is what poses a risk to women, because they say the regulations will force clinics to close all across the state, limiting women’s access to healthcare and an abortion.

On March 2, the High Court will hear oral arguments in its first abortion case in more than 20 years.

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