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State Agency Adopts Rules For CBD Oil Distribution

Ryan E. Poppe

CBD oil is a component of the marijuana plant the Legislature approved this year for use in patients with severe intractable epilepsy.  The disease can produce up to a dozen seizures a day.  Late Thursday, the Texas Public Safety Commission approved new rules that say who can grow the plant and how it’s distributed. 



Heather Fazio is the executive director for Marijuana Policy Project.



“What’s exciting about this is now the “Department” is going to move forward with developing a compassionate use registry which is what doctors are going to use to help patients get their medicine from dispensaries and also help businesses get licenses for the cultivation of this plant, the processing of it to create oils and other ingestible products and then dispensaries which is where the point of sale is going to be,” Fazio said following the rules adoption.



While it is similar to how other marijuana products in other states are sold, you cannot get “high” from ingesting CBD oil because of its low THC content.



According to the Epileptic Council of Texas, there are currently 750,000 patients in the state suffering from intractable epilepsy.

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