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Gov. Abbott 'Embarrassed' California Leads Texas In Gun Sales

Augustas Didžgalvis

The State of Texas can no longer lay claim to the title of “State with the most gun sales.”  The latest numbers on firearm purchases even prompted Governor Greg Abbott to put out an online message that he was embarrassed by the news.

The figures are based off of the number of requests the FBI receives to conduct criminal background checks for new gun purchases.  Two years ago following the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, gun sales were at an all-time high in Texas.

Michael Cargill is the owner of the Central Texas Gun Works and also teaches concealed-carry classes in Austin.

“Once we had that shooting and then we had the President and other gun-control advocates use those kids to actually come after individuals guns such as gun registration, which people believe will lead to gun confiscation, so because of that movement gun sales soared,” Cargill said.

The report showing California gun owners outpacing Texas gun owners in the way of new gun sales prompted Gov. Greg Abbott to issue a statement on Twitter (below).


Cargill says right now gun rights are being threatened in California, which is one of the reasons it’s outpacing Texas.

“What’s going on in California is you have a surge of Californians making more gun control laws, so people are trying to get their hands on guns as fast as possible,” Cargill explained.

As to the Governor’s message, Cargill says the state doesn’t need to fuel more gun sales, he urges the governor to let the free market decide what the rate of gun sales will be in Texas. 

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