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In Loss, Martinez Fischer Taunts Menéndez With 2016 Challenge

David Martin Davies

After a tough night of watching election returns not go his way, State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer had a message for his supporters, and the newly minted State Sen.-Elect José Menéndez.

“Tonight was his night but I have a question for you — who’s ready for 2016?”

From the podium, Martinez Fischer seemed to be saying he would be running in the Democratic primary for the Senate seat he had just lost, presumably against Menéndez. However, pressed for details, Martinez Fischer took a softer approach.

“2016 is exciting for lots of reasons. We are going to have a very robust presidential primary. We’ll have Democrats up and down the ticket. And that is going to be a conversation that is going to take place with several people here tonight.”

But State Rep. Roland Gutierrez did not hold back when he spoke to the crowd of Democrats.

“There’s one thing I’ll tell the other guy — don’t get too used to that seat. You’re damn right we are going to hold you accountable because you don’t get to say you are a Democrat and then act like a Republican.”

Martinez Fischer retains his seat in the State House and told supporters he was ready to resume his role as a fighter for their issues there.

David Martin Davies can be reached at dmdavies@tpr.org and on Twitter at @DavidMartinDavi