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Special Election Results In Runoffs

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Final update 10:30 PM: The ballots have been counted and the results still need to be certified, however, what is certain right now is that there will be a runoff in the elections for both HD123 and SD26. It is as yet unclear as to when that will be, but this will add on to a long string of election cycles. The governor's office will have to select a formal date. The total voter turnout, as of tonight, is 20,065 ballots cast; a voter turnout percentage is not immediately available. 


UPDATE 10:09 PM: 100 percent of SD 26 precincts are reporting. Like with the other race, until the Secretary of State certifies the results, these numbers are unofficial. Trey Martinez Fischer held the lead all evening, finishing with 43.28 percent (8,231 votes). To his supporters at Henry’s Puffy Tacos, Martinez Fischer said:

“I will not be deterred. Our fight against Lt. Gov.-Elect Dan Patrick and his narrow but powerful interests that are backing my opponent will accomplish one goal – motivating me to work that much harder until we claim victory on behalf of the hard working families of San Antonio,”
Credit David Martin Davies

Representative José Menéndez finished with 25.37 percent (4,824 votes). Like Martinez Fischer, Menéndez is ready to fight a second time.

"You don’t take a lead into a runoff.  It starts all over.  It’s a brand new campaign.  We’re going to win this race because we’re going to connect with the people of Senate District 26."   

Credit Shelley Kofler
Jose Menendez stands with the incumbent of SD 26, Leticia Van De Putte. Van De Putte is vacating her seat to run for San Antonio Mayor


UPDATE 9:04 PM: 100 percent of precincts have reported for HD 123. Until the ballots are finalized by the Secretary of State’s office, the unofficial numbers are: Diego Bernal 47.46 percent (3,372 votes), Nunzio Previtera 21.28 percent (1,512 votes). In this photo from TPR's Eileen Pace, Bernal tells supporters, “It looks like we are going to have to do this one more time, but we'll do it.” 



UPDATE 8:50 PM: 80 percent of precincts have reported for SD 26. There’s not much of a change in the race to fill State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte’s seat. Trey Martinez Fischer still leads at 43.87 percent and fellow Democrat José Menéndez trails at 25.63 percent, a slight increase from our last update. This race has a total of five candidates. The other three have not broken 20 percent.

HD 123: With six candidates on the ballot, Diego Bernal still leads at 47.30 percent. Nunzio Previtera sits at 20.99 percent. TPR’s Eileen Pace sent in this photo from the Republican watch party. Previtera (left) watches the returns with a friend.



UPDATE 8:29 PM: 50 percent of precincts now reporting.  HD 123: Bernal is now at 47.60 percent. Nunzio Pervitera is down to 20.96 percent. 


UPDATE 8:10 PM: 25 percent of precincts are now reporting for Election Day.  The percentages have shifted slightly but both frontrunners, Bernal and Martinez Fischer, maintain major leads in their respective races.

HD 123: Bernal has dropped slightly to 45 percent, giving Pervitera a slight boost to 22 percent.

SD 26: Martinez Fischer has gained less than a whole percent and sits at 44 percent, while José Menéndez has dropped less than a percent to 24.78 percent.


UPDATE: 8:00 PM: TPR’s Eileen Pace is at Diego Bernal’s watch party. Two supporters observe the returns at the Los Barrios Mexican Restaurant.



UPDATE 7:55 PM: An elated supporter hugs Trey Martinez Fischer after seeing his early lead as the polls closed this evening. TPR's David Martin Davies is at Henry's Puffy Tacos for the election night party.



UPDATE 7:40 PM: TPR's Shelley Kofler is at Cha Cha’s Mexican Restaurant for the watch party for Rep. Joseé Menéndez. The San Antonio Democrat is running second in the Senate District 26 race but expects to be in a runoff with Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer.



UPDATE 7:05 PM: The early results are in. In House District 123, former San Antonio City Councilman Diego Bernal (D) holds 46.76 percent of the vote (1,487 votes). Republican Nunzio Previtera is next at 20.63 percent (656 votes), followed by Melissa Aguillon (D) at 19.21 percent (611 votes).

In Senate District 26, incumbent Representative Trey Martinez Fischer (D) leads with 43.77 percent of the ballot (3,567 votes), followed by his House colleague, José Menéndez at 25.08 percent, and Alma Perez Jackson (R) with 20.33 percent.


UPDATE 7:00 PM: The polls have closed and we are awaiting the early election results for SD 26 and HD 123. Early voting totals in Bexar County were at 7,800 [Correction: 8,679] ballots cast. This electorate was small as only those in those two districts were allowed to vote, leaving no comparison with previous elections. The Bexar County Elections Administration often posts the early vote results within 20 minutes of the polls closing.


Tonight at 7:00, polls close for three special elections; that's when we'll begin covering the results. In Bexar County, voters in District 123 are deciding who should replace Rep. Mike Villarreal, who is leaving his seat to run for San Antonio Mayor. In Senate District 26, voters are replacing Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, who has eyes on the same post as Villarreal. Texas Public Radio's news team will be covering the candidates and updating this post with information throughout the evening as returns come in. We'll hear from the winning candidates on-air during Morning Edition. Official results are also updated online through the Elections Division of the State of Texas.