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Watchdog Group Files Criminal Complaint Against AG Nominee Ken Paxton

A government watchdog group based in Austin has asked the Texas Public Integrity Unit to investigate state Sen. Ken Paxton, R-McKinney. The request has to do with Paxton advising his law clients of securities investments without having a license to do so.

While working as an attorney, Paxton solicited clients and invested their money without having a license to do so. The Republican nominee for Texas attorney general admitted wrongdoing and paid the $1,000 civil penalty.

But Craig McDonald, who heads up the nonprofit Texans for Public Justice, said he filed the criminal complaint because the infraction is also considered a felony.

"We do know that he was involved in a some rather large investment deals where he would get clients to invest money without telling the clients that he was get a piece of the action," McDonald said. "And again, this is a felony under the state’s securities law.”

McDonald said Paxton also admitted to not reporting those earning on his personal financial statement as required for a member of the state legislator and candidate running in 2014.

“And ironically Paxton is running to be the top law enforcer of the state and the attorney general, in particular, has jurisdiction over campaign finance and personal financial statement disclosures,” McDonald said.

Paxton’s campaign said the issue has already been resolved and that Texans for Public Justice is trying make the issue into something bigger than it is with about 100 days until the general election.

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