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City NDO Complaint Website Still In The Works, Rollout Expected In August

City of San Antonio

For people in the Alamo City waiting for a one-stop place to file a complaint relating to the revised non-discrimination ordinance, the wait will be just a little longer.

San Antonio city attorneys are continuing to work on the website's content and forms, and had hoped to have it online by July. Deputy City Attorney Veronica Zertuche is now aiming for August.

Asked Tuesday where the site is in its completion phase, Zertuche said it is three-quarters of the way finished.

The website will be a place to report complaints against businesses or people who may not be in compliance with the 10-month-old, revised NDO. The revisions add gender identity, sexual orientation and veteran status to the list of protected classes in San Antonio. It also puts the ordinance all in one location in the city code.

The site is long overdue, according to those who've followed the issue closely like community activist Randy Bear.

"It was great to see the city pass the NDO last September, but without a means to enforce it's just words on paper," Bear told TPR in a written statement.

Bear added that it's disappointing because the city has failed to have a process in place by now.

During an interview in May, Zertuche said there is no single place a person can file a complaint.

"That is true at this point. What we have been informing anybody who would ask is that they should contact our office," Zertuche said. "The city clerk, likewise, is prepared to receive any correspondence and then will quickly send it our way."

Bear said he thinks maybe the interim mayor the council is about to pick can bring resolution to the matter. There's no reason to wait until 2015, he said.

But for many looking for San Antonio to protect people like the council said it would, the site is already 10 months too late.