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San Antonio Lawmaker Calls Texas Republicans “Pendejos”

Trey Martinez Fischer

State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio, caused a stir among Texas Republicans for comments he made during this weekend’s Texas Democratic Party convention.

During his keynote speech, Martinez Fischer said the GOP "should stand for gringos y otras pendejos."

Republican candidates immediately took issue with the comment.

Martinez Fischer said his comments were meant to address the name-calling and disrespect he says Democrats have been shown by Republican candidates in 2014 and meant to address some the items in the Republican party platform.

“When the shoe is on the other foot they begin to realize this stuff hurts, and so the minute they start respecting our candidates and our people I will certainly follow suit -- otherwise this is a fight for Texas," Martinez Fischer said following the convention.

While some Republican candidates called the remarks inappropriate, others like Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri said he’s not hurt by what was said.

“Language like that usually is only used when people have nothing else to try -- they call you names,” Munisteri said.

Other portions of Martinez Fischer speech at the convention stressed the need to connect with Latino voters and increase voter participation. Some within the Democratic Party are calling for Martinez Fischer to apologize for the choice of words.