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Texas Republicans Will Decide On Guest Worker Inclusion At June Convention

Republican Party of Texas

Now that the Republican Party of Texas has formed it’s ticket for the fall elections the party is looking toward their convention in June, which is where they will decide on a platform.

State Sen. Dan Patrick, the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, and other highly influential groups like the Texas Eagle Forum have said they support removing a guest-worker program from the platform. But the inclusion of a guest-worker program has the support of major business groups and party chairman Steve Munisteri.

“It just provides a mechanism for those who have a legitimate reason to be in the country where their aren’t Americans willing to take jobs," Munisteri said. "For them to come out of the shadows and into the legal process.”

He’s counting on heated debate of the issue at the party’s June 5 convention in Fort Worth. 

Following the primary and runoff races that left Hispanic Republicans offended by repeated campaign rhetoric, Munisteri said it is vitally important that the party sends out the right message ahead of the general election.

“And this is of overriding importance to me is that we send out the message that we welcome immigration, that we are for legal immigration, that we want diversity and especially send a message to the Hispanic community that we want to engage the Hispanic community," Munisteri said.

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