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Patrick-Castro Immigration Debate Set For April 15

Dan Patrick via YouTube
Republican lieutenant governor candidate Dan Patrick sits outside the Alamo to call out Mayor Castro ahead of the March primary.

Republican lieutenant governor candidate Dan Patrick’s campaign has set a date for a debate with San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro -- the campaign also leaked information about a possible statewide runoff debate in the planning stages with incumbent Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

Allen Blakemore, Patrick’s chief campaign strategist, said they have settled on April 15 for the debate that has caused much friction between the two elected officials.

"The conversation opened up again -- I believe Mayor Castro tweeted at us on election night, we accepted Mayor Castro’s challenge, offer to debate in San Antonio and we’re looking forward to it," Blakermore said.

The debate will be organized by the Texas Tribune and Univision and will occur in San Antonio with a location yet determined.

The idea of the debate started immediately following Dan Patrick’s remark about “stopping the invasion” referring to the flow of immigrants coming to the state illegally, words that has caused a significant response from both Democrats and Republicans, including Hispanic Republicans. 

Blakemore said the campaign isn’t planning on toning down this type of rhetoric.

"I don’t think you’ll see Dan Patrick change his positions on any issues heading into the general elections, I believe he’s articulating a position that is in line with a majority of Texans,” Blakemore said.

The campaign is considering another statewide debate between Patrick and Dewhurst in Central Texas, possibly Austin or Waco.

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