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Tom DeLay Says He Is On A Mission From God

U.S. Government File Photo
Tom DeLay

Former U.S. House Majority Leader Republican Tom DeLay told a tea party group that God has told him to lead a constitutional revival. What that means for his political future remains to be seen.  

Speaking to the Texas Patriots at an event in the North Texas town of Burleson on Tuesday, Oct. 22, DeLay called on them to join him in a constitutional revolution.

"He believes that he is being led to encourage, or promote, or participate in sort of a new a new revolution for the country -- not armed battles and muskets and all that stuff, but in terms of ideals," said Barry Schlech, the vice-chairman for the Texas Patriots PAC.

DeLay said the best way to start this revolution is for conservative tea party candidates to lay claim to the U.S. House. DeLay spent part of his time detailing how faith helped him through his criminal trial that involved charges of laundering money from his congressional campaign funds -- DeLay’s conviction was overturned earlier this month.

But Schlech said he doesn’t see DeLay returning to Congress.

"I didn’t get the sense -- with what he said -- that he wants to ever be in office again," Schlech said. "He’s going to be an advocate, not in the background but maybe in the forefront."

DeLay represented Texas’ 22nd District in the U.S. House for 22 years and was House majority leader for the last two years of that stint where he earned the nickname the "Hammer."

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