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Immigration Attorney From Houston Challenges Cornyn For Senate Seat

For some time, many thought Texas Republican U.S. Senator John Cornyn would run unopposed during the Republican primaries next March, but this week, Houston immigration attorney Linda Vega announced she would be challenging the twelve-year incumbent.

“For someone who's been a senator for twelve years, I can’t to the best of my knowledge recall any policy that he’s proposed that has been good for Texas," Vega said. "If you are going to be a senior senator, if you are going to lead, lead.  Don’t wait for someone else to propose something.”

“I am looking at Washington DC, and I am appalled at what’s going on as far as the failure to pass good policy," Vega continued.

Vega said Capitol Hill has too many showboating politicians who are only out for their own political gain.

Vega said she's not referring to Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s stand to de-fund Obamacare, but rather several congressmen who were recently arrested during an immigration reform protest in Washington DC.   As far as Senator Cornyn’s record goes, Vega said for too long he has sat along the sidelines.

“This is the time for Texans to speak up, and I think for too long people have just gone with the flow and voted for whatever’s out there,” she said. 

The topic of immigration reform is one very dear to Vega, who says her plan for immigration reform involves job creation and economic viability for America.

Vega said her ideas for immigration reform would are characterized by "a humane way to handle the undocumented people already living in America as a result of bad policy.”

Vega calls herself a Regan-esque Republican and also aligns herself with with many of the policy decisions made by former-President George W. Bush.