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Davis Takes Encouragement From National Poll Numbers

Ryan Loyd
TPR News
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis at a campaign visit to Rackspace in San Antonio.

A new poll shows approval ratings for Republicans in Congress have dropped to a record low, but will it affect statewide elections for people like Democrat Wendy Davis?

The Associated Press survey shows over 62 percent of those polled believe Republicans in Congress are solely to blame for the government shutdown that ended last Thursday.

"I think people are disgusted by what they saw happening in Washington, D.C.," Davis said. "I think they want to make sure that leaders in Texas do not conduct themselves in that way. I think they understand that holding our government hostage for partisan purposes is not serving the interest of our communities."

Similar to the government shutdown, many believe Texas saw its own stalemate during summer with legislation that place new controversial restrictions on abortion facilities in Texas.   

"Our failed Republicans have demonstrated that they’re not interested those issues, they’re interested in partisan division," Davis said. "They’re interested in fighting for the sake of fighting to advance their own political careers. I’m tired of that and I know that Texans are tired of that, too."

Davis said she plans to demonstrate bipartisan leadership.

"Moving away from ideological battlefronts and get back to what people in Texas want to see us do," she said.

While polls show the approval rating for Democrats is up 8 points, the party faces a long road to gain ground on Republicans in Texas.