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Will The Junior Senator From Texas Make A Run For The White House?

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Although he has denied any attempt at a presidential run, the chairman of the Texas Republican Party says odds are in U.S. Senator Ted Cruz’s favor for a presidential run.  

Cruz is part of a group of Republicans touring America’s primary states and drumming up support for the party.  Even though Sen. Cruz says repeatedly his tour has nothing to do with a 2016 presidential run, Steve Munisteri, chair of the GOP in Texas, says the junior senator is quickly positioning himself as a national leader.

“I don’t think there is any doubt that it’s a possibility that he’ll run in 2016," Munisteri says.  "I think that part of [the GOP's] evaluation of the next year or two is how established he is, and how he is received and how feasible [a presidential run] is."

He went on to say, “His supporter base here in Texas is encouraging him to run, and I think that there are quite a few party leaders that are encouraging him to run.  I presume he will examine that as an option. He certainly hasn’t ruled it out, and anytime you hear a U.S. Senator or congressman or governor not rule it out--they are considering it.” 

Munisteri says much like President Obama, Cruz is young and is a junior senator that has captured national attention.  The junior senator from Texas also has a similar "birthers" background to contend with--Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada.

While Cruz has stated that right now his business in the U.S. Senate is 100-percent of his concern, he did to go on to say the law was on side in his ability to run for president even though he was born in Canada.