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Governor Perry Keeping His Political Future Open To Possibilities

There’s renewed speculation about Governor Rick Perry's political future, which could include another run for the White House. Perry said Monday that he is planning to "make an announcement" about "future political plans" in July.

This January, the state legislature convenes for the 83rd legislative session, and Perry needs to keep his political options open and lawmakers guessing in order to not appear like a lame-duck governor.

Perry is already the longest serving governor in Texas history and it’s possible he could make a run for a fourth term. The Texas Tribune reported that a plan was put forth in October by Perry's chief legislative aide, Ken Armbrister.

Perry has not ruled out another run for the 2016 GOP nomination for President and has openly joked that it’s a possibility and he would consider it.

Perry already has at least one established conservative in his corner; on Wednesday, anti-tax pledge pusher Grover Norquist expressed support for Perry as president.

Nevertheless, Perry is still stinging from his spectacular failure during his 2012 run for president where he quickly went from front runner to national punchline.

Still, he has three years to rehabilitate his image, raise money and bolster his conservative credentials.