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Taking A Look At Bexar County Election Results

Bexar County

Generally speaking, Texas is a Red state - the Romney/Ryan ticket landed 57 percent of the vote to the Obama/Biden 41 percent, which failed to reach the 44 percent they got in 2008 - but the vote counts in metropolitan areas show strong pockets of Democratic support.

Bexar County Swing

There were a total of 518,139 votes cast in Bexar County, which is 56 percent of the registered voters, and an incredible 72 percent of those were early voters (373,752 early votes). Though there was little doubt the presidential race in the state would be won by Romney, Bexar County results for the race show a lean in Obama's direction.

Early voting had Romney ahead by 4,000 votes, but a strong election-day showing pushed Obama to a total of 263,871 votes, making the county Blue with just over 51 percent of the vote; The Romney/Ryan ticket had 240,519 votes for nearly 47 percent of the vote - the other two percent made up of votes for the Libertarian, Green Party and write-in candidates.

U.S. Senate Race

A similar storyline followed the open senate seat being vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Republican Ted Cruz led Democrat Paul Sadler by about 3,000 votes after early voting was totaled, but a surge on election day gave Sadler the county with just over 50 percent of the vote to Cruz' 46.41 percent. Cruz did go on to win the statewide vote with nearly 57 percent (Romney also won Texas with 57 percent) .

Other notable results from Bexar County totals:

Congressional District 23 (Canseco v. Gallego) - Canseco had a lead with early vote totals and finished ahead with just over 51 percent of the vote in the county to Gallego's 44 percent. Gallego won the seat in District 23 with just over 50 percent of the total votes (according to totals posted by the Texas Secretary of State's Office).

State Senate District 25 (Campbell v. Courage) - Tea Party Republican Donna Campbell won handily in the county, taking a nearly 2-to-1 vote advantage in early voting totals to over 64 percent with election day returns. Campbell won the seat with over 65 percent of the total vote.

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