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Narvaiz and Doggett In Race For New Congressional District 35

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(Update: 12:00 a.m) Nearly 90 percent of the votes counted now and Doggett looks to be the winner still holding about 63 percent of the vote.

(Update: 10:30 p.m.) With 66 percent of the vote now counted, Doggett is maintaining 63 percent of the vote.

(Update: 9:00 p.m.) Texas Secretary of State's Office showing Doggett with about 63 percent of the vote, carrying the lead out of early voting, where he led by a nearly two to one margin.

(Update: 7:40 p.m.) Early returns show Doggett is up with over 60 percent of the vote. It is still early so we will keep an eye on the Texas Secretary of State's Office election results.

(Original Post) Democrat Lloyd Doggett is a familiar name in Congress. After the GOP drawn redistricting map shifted his old congressional district 25 into conservative parts of Travis County, Doggett made the jump to run for the newly created Congressional District 35.

Congressional District 35 is sometimes jokingly called District I-35 since it follows the interstate linking San Antonio and Austin. Doggett faces Republican Susan Narvaiz, a former San Marcos mayor and small business owner.

She and Doggett follow their party lines on every major issue from abortion to same sex marriage and the Affordable Health Care Act. However, the new district that includes San Antonio is Democratic leaning, and could be an uphill battle for Narvaiz, who lacks name recognition and a decades of time spent in Congress.

Check back throughout the night for updates on this race from each camp's election party and as precincts report the results.