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From San Antonio, the border, and beyond, what stories do you want covered in the 2024 elections?

Let us know your questions about the 2024 elections
Gideon Rogers / Illustration
Let us know your questions about the 2024 elections

Elections in 2024 will shape every level of government from the City of San Antonio’s City Charter to the Texas Legislature, Congress, and the White House. No two ballot races are the same, especially during the primaries for the Republican and Democratic tickets.

Early voting for the March 5 primaries in Texas starts on Monday, Feb. 20. There are dozens upon dozens of candidates and issues starting with precinct and county party chairs all the way up to president and party platforms.

After that are the runoffs on May 28 to decide any races that didn’t have a victor on March 5, and then finally on Tuesday, Nov. 5: Election Day.

With the information overload, you're going to have a lot of questions. We want to hear those questions and answer them. How do you register to vote if you’re new to the county or Texas? Want to know whether a candidate's claim is true? Want to know how one issue might affect you personally? Send those thought bubbles our way.

We’ve partnered with America Amplified to source these questions directly from you.

Please use the form below and let us know what’s on your mind.