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Volunteers Sought To Help Clean Fiesta Trash On San Antonio River

San Antonio River Authority

The San Antonio River Authority said it could take weeks to clean up Fiesta trash that made its way into the river after the festival was over.

Heavy downpours during and after the two-week party has left an unusually large amount of garbage along a stretch of the river bank. 

But SARA’s Steven Schauer said the trash in the river isn’t just related to Fiesta.

“We see large amounts of trash in the river after any rain year, all year long. The difficulty with these rain events coming near the end of Fiesta was that the amounts of trash were likely exacerbated by the festivities,” he said.

Schauer said trash comes from surrounding neighborhoods on an every day basis, and while SARA needs volunteers to help clean-up now, it need citizens to help year-round by keeping their own yards, streets and neighborhoods clean.

SARA is asking for volunteers to help with the cleanup.  Information to sign up is available at www.sara-tx.org.  

Eileen Pace is a veteran radio and print journalist with a long history of investigative and feature reporting in San Antonio and Houston, earning more than 50 awards for investigative reporting, documentaries, long-form series, features, sports stories, outstanding anchoring and best use of sound.