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TEA Conservator Begins Monitoring Duties At South San

File Photo | Joey Palacios | Texas Public Radio
Texas Public Radio
Conservator Judy Castleberry, left.

The Conservator appointed to the South San Independent School District by the Texas Education Agency attended her first board meeting Wednesday night. The board room was packed with concerned parents and residents including Angelita Olvera who said the need to appoint Conservator Judy Castleberry is a shame on the district and board.

“It’s a shame that we have to hire a conservator, but I don’t think it’s a conservator, I think it’s a baby-sitter,” Olvera said. “And she’s going to get paid quite a bit of money to come and make sure that ya’ll behave like adults.”

As required by state law, Castleberry will be paid $85 per hour by the district. She told the board she looks forward to working with each trustee.

“Hopefully, we can work together as we’ve worked together in the past and take care of these issues so that I can go about my business and you can go about with yours,” Castleberry said.

Ron Rowell, a TEA executive, said the agency t felt appointing a conservator was necessary after determining the board was not working cooperatively with the administration and finance decisions were not meeting TEA standards. Castleberry will have far reaching authority to make decisions or overdrive decisions and plans made by the district. It’s unknown how long she will oversee the district but the shortest amount of time could be six to nine months.