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St. Mary’s Unveils Cybersecurity Master’s Degree

Wikimedia Commons

Against the backdrop of hackers and other criminal elements constantly trying to steal information in a networked world, St. Mary’s University is going to begin offering a Master of Science in Cybersecurity next fall.
People run into threats on a daily basis when they use their smart phones, credit cards, or online memberships. “Your personal information and mine is out in a variety of public domains. It could be banking, it could be medical, it could be national security, it could be law enforcement,” said Dr. Winston Erevelles, Dean of the School of Science, Engineering, and Technology at St. Mary’s. “So we are under a very broad and wide threat landscape.”
The department has collaborated with various departments within the university and with a range of corporate, governmental, law enforcement, and defense organizations to put the course together.
Applicants will need to have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or a closely related discipline, in order to be considered for the Master’s degree.