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Will Texas' Education Commissioner Stay On?

Christopher C. Leonard

Public education will top the list of priorities for Governor-elect Greg Abbott, currently the Texas attorney general, in the coming legislative session. But Wednesday, on TPR’s “The Source,” Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams said it was unclear if he would remain in his current post.


“I serve at the pleasure of the governor — and my term expires at noon, Jan. 20, and it will be the decision of the governor-elect on whether I stay or not. And we’ll allow him to make his decision,” said Williams.


Asked whether he had had any conversation with Abbott, Williams said: “I’ve had conversations — first of all I’ve known Attorney General Abbott for almost 20 years. I’ve had conversations with the [attorney] general and the staff with regard to education, and I look forward to having further conversations with them.”


Williams said regardless of who the Texas Education Commissioner would be in the next administration, closing the achievement gap between white and minority students would be critical for Texas. And he added that it was clear that trying to get legislative approval on a school voucher system would be a major topic in the upcoming session.


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