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Couple Leaves Medicine To Do More Good...With Beer

“Save The World” may be a lofty title for a brewery, but as Master Brewer and co-owner Dr. David Rathkamp says, he hopes to save the world, one beer at a time. Far-fetched? The brewery donates ten percent of its monthly gross sales to various charities. Then at year’s end, the brewery gives all the profits away.

Save The World Brewing Company is the brain-child of a married couple, both of them physicians who abandoned medicine in pursuit of a path they anticipate will fulfill their dreams.

Dr. Quynh Rathkamp was brought to the United States as a child. Her family fled Vietnam among the “boat people” in the 1970s; Dr. David Rathkamp is from San Antonio and is passionate about brewing beer. Quynh has a desire for helping others and is thrilled at the prospect of giving money away to help those in need, and also helping her husband achieve a life long passion. 

“We had gotten to the point, where we realized that we didn’t need to live in wealth and excess and we didn’t need to acquire things necessarily anymore…we came into this world with nothing and we can’t leave this world with anything, so we might as well do our part in being a blessing to the community and everyone around us,” says Quynh.

The brewery is nestled in the beautiful town of Marble Falls and is now home to the two transplants, who have high hopes and certainly higher aspirations, that they’ll be able to fulfill a mission here on Earth that will impact many lives.

Click through the photos above to see a slide show of their facilities, and listen to the full-length interview at the top of this page.

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