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Missouri Radio Station Pulls Gov. Perry's Business Ad

Texas Economic Development Division within the Office of the Governor

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is applauding a St. Louis radio station's decision to pull an advertisement from Texas Gov. Rick Perry that is part of his "Texas Wide Open for Business" campaign.

Unlike Perry’s ads in California and New York, many say the Missouri ad is more politically driven.

Said Perry in the ad:

"You know, like most businesses, Missouri companies are looking for stability in their state’s business environment. Before they invest in the future, they want to know they are investing wisely and unfortunately your governor vetoed a bill that would’ve lowered taxes and controlled wasteful spending, making Missouri more competitive."

Mark Dorsey is the general manager at St. Louis KTRS 550 AM and says they are locally owned and personally offended by Perry's ad campaign. Dorsey compares the ad to the scenario of a radio station advertising on a competitor’s airwaves.

"That’s what it would be like and there’s no radio station or TV station in America that would allow another one to come in and solicit that blatant -- and again that’s where I think the governor has done," Dorsey said. "I think this one, again, I think it crossed the line."

Dorsey said their decision to kill the ads led to Nixon applauding the station’s efforts to stop Perry from stealing local jobs.

Governor Nixon wrote:

"Compared with Texas, Missouri has lower sales tax, lower property taxes and higher student test scores." 

Other Missouri stations continue to run Perry's ads, most of which, Dorsey said, are owned by out-of-state companies.