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ACLU Texas Keeping An Eye On Armed Militia Group Operating On The Border

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol

The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas say they will be closely monitoring the area of the border occupied by an armed militia known online as Operation Secure Our Border.

Denise Freedman with Operation Secure Our Borders, a collection of armed militias who are planning to patrol an area of the border near Laredo, said they are searching for immigrants coming to the United States through Texas.

“At this particular point we are going to be working on private land, but that is subject to change as law enforcement become willing to work with us,” Freedman said.

Freedman said the majority of people that make up their group are military veterans with experience with firearms and will be carrying guns on their patrols for protection.   

“We wouldn’t even be there if our government officials would be doing what they were supposed to be," Freedman said. "It wouldn’t even be necessary.”

Terri Burke, CEO for the ACLU of Texas, said the militia activity only fuels anti-immigrant rhetoric in Texas. She said she worries the surge of Central American children may come in contact with the militia group.

“And I hope they continue to cross where they run up to the border patrol agents, but they may start crossing in more remote obscure places and if they do this is going to be really bad,” Burke said.

Burke said the recent surge of unaccompanied minors is not a security threat.

"Border patrol agents have told me directly that these children are running up to the border patrol, grabbing and hugging them and saying, 'Help me,' " Burke said.

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