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The Sacred Souls - Digging SA

On this episode of Digging SA, we catch up with San Diego's Sweet Soul band, Thee Sacred Souls.

After playing two sold-out shows in San Antonio's historic west side, they stopped by Friends of Sound to dig into some iconic San Antonio soul.

"I Won't Love You Again" by Dimas Garza was the first track we shared. Familiar with the track and group, Thee Sacred Soul's bassist Sal Samano, and drummer Alex Garcia have always loved the Royal Jester's rhythm section and sound.

The second track we shared is a haunting ballad from a San Antonio doo-wop group called The Dreamliners. "Just Me and You" was the first original song from the group. Singer and writer, Sylvia Ana Wilburn Salas shares how the song came to be.

The final track, "Only One" is a San Antonio rendition of an infamous Freddie Fender track. Henry Peña first heard the song while hosting a radio show in the early 1960s on the airwaves in San Antonio. After hearing this song, he felt compelled to rehearse his own version of the song with his band, to then record to vinyl with support from local producer, Abe Epstein. Epstein is the throughline in each of these tracks. He either played a role in each of these recording sessions or supported the label that put out the song.

Digging SA is supported by The Espee.⁠ ⁠

Roberto Adrian Martinez - Executive Producer⁠ Jacob Glombowski - Director and Editor⁠
Alfie De La Garza - Sound Engineer⁠
Chuco Garcia - Producer⁠
Rae D. Cabello - Executive Producer⁠
Robert V. Salluce - VP of Marketing and Communications⁠

Recorded live at Friends of Sound Records in San Antonio.⁠ ⁠

About Digging SA:⁠ A partnership with TPR Music and Friends of Sound Records, Digging SA uncovers sonic gems recorded in San Antonio - connecting our audience to the music and the history of local musicians.

Roberto "Rob" Martinez is a Texas Public Radio writer and contributor. He produces TPR Music's Digging SA and host of the Lonesome Lounge Sessions.