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Winning 2024 Fiesta Flambeau poster design celebrates 'San Anto' uniqueness

The 2024 Fiesta Flambeau poster
Veronica Lara
The 2024 Fiesta Flambeau poster

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The Fiesta Flambeau Parade Association chose its new poster for its 2024 Fiesta celebration on Wednesday. It was designed by Veronica Lara, a business student at Northwest Vista College.

The theme was "Lotsa Loteria," referring to the popularity of loteria game cards. Lara's design was titled 'Lotsa San Anto.' "

The winner of the artist poster competition is announced every summer.

James Fenimore, president of the Flambeau association, said 200 people at the Wednesday meeting cast their votes and chose the winning design.

“In the middle of it there's an Alamo. Down at the bottom it says 'San Anto,' ” he said. “And then in spots around she did Loteria cards with The Pearl, Hemisfair tower and other spots around San Antonio that are unique to San Antonio.”

Fenimore texted Lara the news that she’d won on Thursday morning. “And her reaction in the text back to me was lots of exclamation points, lots of OMGs, lots of smiley faces. She's absolutely beside herself that she won,” he said.

Fenimore said Fiesta fans can buy the poster in early September at flambeau.org.

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