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The Herstory Project: Recording San Antonio Women's Legacies

Photojournalist Bria Woods in front of her portraits from Herstory.
Bria Woods
Photojournalist Bria Woods in front of her portraits from Herstory.

Photojournalist Bria Woods is on a mission to capture women's stories — from entrepreneurs to artists to moms — all in the San Antonio community. She documents their hard work and accomplishments through portraits and podcasts for The Herstory Project.

"What brings you joy?" Woods asked one woman with an audio recorder in hand. That was the question she began every interview with.

Woods' project started back in February when she captured and displayed portraitures of Black women celebrating Black History Month of 2021. Her display was shown at the Impact Guild with portraits of 16 women — including herself.

In her second chapter of Herstory, She prompts two prolific questions: "If you could sit down with your great grandmother, what would you want her to know about your life today? And also, if you could sit down with your great granddaughter and what do you want her to say about you?"

The second chapter of Herstory features a new and diversified group of women. Her relentless passion to amplify their voices and recognize them allows Woods to journey towards "tapping into (her) own most authentic self."

Woods notes each individual women's narratives, in an array of mediums and to share so in the future, another girl or women can be inspired after the heartfelt stories and legacies.

Besides juggling multiple other roles herself: digital producer, radio host, journalist, she finds time to sit with each women and "make(s) sure that no woman's story is lost." Woods wants each conversation of a women's legacy to be passed down and remembered.

"Be truthful. Be honest. you don't have to have all the answers, but just be honest with yourself, be authentic and start documenting your legacy today," she said.

Bria Woods intends to continue and expand The Herstory Project and pave way for a diversity of female voices in the community. Check out the Herstory display at the Impact Guild, open until August 31.

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Jia Chen is a freelance journalist and photographer for Texas Public Radio. She began with TPR working as the Bexar County selected Summer Arts Intern in 2021. Her coverage includes arts & culture, technology, politics, and more. She holds a BA in Communication from University of Texas at San Antonio and has lived in San Antonio for over 20 years.