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San Antonio Art League Picks Its Artist Of The Year

Unfolding no. 1.jpg
Ansen Seale
Unfolding no. 1

The San Antonio Art League and Museum has selected its artist of the year for 2020 — long-time San Antonio artist Ansen Seale.

“It's really a great honor, a rich tradition that goes back many years and lots of San Antonio artists have been artist of the year, including all of my art professors from Trinity (University),” Seale said.

Seale’s primary Art vehicle is photography, and his photography exhibit now showing at the Art League’s Museum goes back decades.

Temporal Form no. 1 - Strive.jpg
Ansen Seale
Temporal Form no. 1

“I've been a photographer for about 43 years. And so there are works in the show that go all the way back to 1977 when I was still in high school,” Seale said.

The exhibit covers several of his styles through the years, but his more recent works are the product of a camera he devised called the slit-scan camera.

“it's not a Photoshop trick. This is the way the camera really, truly sees the world,” he said.

The way the camera works bears much in common with a scanner or an MRI machine in the way it ingests what it sees.

Drawn no. 1.jpg
Ansen Seale
Drawn no. 1

“The camera's not moving. It just stands in one place and records the same tiny sliver of space over and over and over again hundreds of times a second,” Seale said. “And then if something changes within the frame, that thing is captured clearly. Everything else is just rendered as horizontal stripes.”

The curious results are all on display at the San Antonio Art League’s Museum in the King William District through March 27.

“And it's open from Thursday through Saturday from 10-3,” he said.

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