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Christmas Posada At Pearl: A New Take On An Old Tradition

One of the city's newest developments, the Pearl, is teaming with the city's oldest, the Missions, for a new twist on a Christmas posada.


"Posada means journey, or a walk,” said The Pearl's marketing manager Elizabeth Fauerso.

The posada is the Joseph and Mary Christmas Eve story, recreated at the Pearl for modern times.

IF YOU GO What: Christmas Posada at the Pearl Where: The Pearl, outside Cured When:  7:15 p.m. Tuesday Cost: Free

"They're re-enacting coming to a place, asking if there's room at the inn, and they say ‘no,’ and they continue on their journey,” Fauerso said. “And when they come to their final destination and they say, ‘Yes, there is room at the inn,’ there's a big celebration."

The posada at the Pearl is Tuesday evening, and all are welcome.

"We are partnering with Father David Garcia and his parish at Mission Concepcion," Fauerso said. “They are going to be here with ... families and children dressed up as shepherds and angels.

Carols will be sung along the way, with mariachi accompaniment, as Pearl mainstay establishments one by one turn people away.

"We'll go to Larder, and Hotel Emma and the Culinary Institute, and then end up at the Food Hall, and the Food Hall is the place where they are accepted at the Inn,” she said.

The event features piñatas and traditional foods, including chocolate Mexicana and tamales and buñuelos, she said.

“Treats that are traditional as part of the celebration of the posada," she said.

Along with the posada, Fauerso said the family event will will have an arts and crafts area for kids.

“If you don't have an angel costume on hand, we will be making them there," she said.

Other than the Alamo, the four other Missions hold church services every Sunday. The posada begins at 7:15 p.m., and is free and open to the public.

Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org