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Los Lonely Boys Set To Rock The Texas Hill Country

Well-loved by Texans, the three-brother Chicano band Los Loney Boys is ready to perform at an outdoor venue in Boerne. 

TPR's Arts and Culture desk spoke to one of the brothers: Jo-Jo Garza, bass player and singer for the band, which had one of the most infectious hits of 2004,"Heaven," which won Los Lonely Boys a Grammy Award.

Brother Henry sang it, and brother Ringo – obviously – played drums. The album and accolades might never have happened if they didn't have a huge fan in their corner: Willie Nelson.

"I don't know if you and I would be talking if he didn't. The first and foremost thing he did was to accept us into the family, into the family circle there. And he helped us with a lot of shows and talking to people about us and that was a real big push," Garza said.

That success was followed by recordings and performances with major stars. They collaborated with Carlos Santana on an album that peaked at number 2.

"We had the pleasure of hanging out with Santana, and Los Lobos, Paul McCartney, and many, many others. We've been blessed, brother," he says.

With subsequent album names like "Sacred," "Forgiven" and "Revelation," a near religious passion for what makes Los Lonely Boys tick is apparent.   

"It's about family. It's about expressing that music and it's about giving people something they can go home with," Garza said. "Even if it just lasts a night, or hopefully for the next day or a couple of days.  That's what it's all about."

Saturday night, the Los Lonely Boys will be playing locally.

"San Antonio's a nice place and every time we go there it's a pretty good experience.  It's about down home living," Garza said.

The band will play Saturday night at Boerne's outdoor music venue, The Roundup. 



Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii